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Carl Vande Vyvere

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Souvavy exclusively distributes artisanally aged natural stone. Aside from processing rustic floors made of hardstone and ornamental mantelpieces made from French white stone, Souvavy also specializes in customizing all types of natural stone.


Souvavy can treat your new bluestone floor in a unique fashion, to make it look like an authentic, century-old castle floor. These floors fit into both modern and classical interiors.


Thanks to our ample experience in treating rustic floors, you can also call on us to treat your mantelpiece made of hardstone (Belgian bluestone) or sandstone (French white stone).

Custom work

To make your picturesque interior complete, we also specialize in custom work made from bluestone and French white stone. The possibilities are endless: massive sinks, bluestone sills, hardstone steps, rustic door frames, ...