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Carl Vande Vyvere


Apart from authentic floors, you can also contact Souvavy for your ornamental mantelpieces. Those who are lucky enough to possess a rustic floor, can continue to construct their dream interior by adding an ornamental mantelpiece that radiates the charm of an old castle lounge. Souvavy also creates these ornamental mantelpieces from Belgian bluestone or French white stone. Times have long passed when a mantelpiece only served as a functional device to keep the smoke inside the shaft. During the Middle Ages, this remarkable ornament evolved into a true work of art in many interiors. Thanks to the artisanal aging techniques that Souvavy adopts, your interior can now be built around an authentic ornamental mantelpiece. Souvavy can provide different types of finish.

Click on the image below for some examples of these exquisite ornamental mantelpieces.